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Genre: comedy

Running time: - 2*52 or, -1*39‘

Director: Timophey Fedorov

Director of photography: Yury Zenin

Idea: Yury Kamenetskiy, Ezhen Shchedrin

Dramatists:  Yury Kamenetskiy, Ezhen Shchedrin

Composer: Yury Alyabov

Executive producer: Oleg Medvednikov

Producers: Yury Kamenetskii, Ezhen Shchedrin, Oleg Medvednikov

General Producer: Yury Kamenetskii, Ezhen Shchedrin

 vNika's studying journalism at university. And she has a sideline…

She also shoots photo stories for a scandalous magazine.

One of the subjects she exposes is an owner of ‘Nikita’ a well known hair care brand. Nikita gives the order to find the odious “paparazza” and take her picture… after she's been beheaded.

Nika is successful in her career, and then suddenly,  she meets Nikita…

Zhanna Epple
(Nika’s mother)

Alexander Lenkov
(Alexander Alekseevich - old actor)

Andrey Leonov

Leonid Yakubovich

Golub Marina Grigorievna
(Malinin’s wife)