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The story of Kawagoe Shiro, a soldier. He was taken prisoner by the Soviet Army in WW2 and only returns to his home country after 30 years, but finds himself a visitor in a place and amongst people, he barely recognises.

The Documentary series “Russians” is dedicated to Russian-speaking people, who permanently work and live abroad.

Who gained from Kennedy’s death?

Shortly after the war, in the late 40s, an old railway man found a medallion on the tracks. One side bore writing in German, on the other, a singing bird. Obviously a handmade of a prisoner.

Geisha girls. Young girls, who become geishas. The school, the training. Secrets of experience.

During World War II a million Soviet citizens sided with the enemy and took up arms to fight against their own people.

He is thought to be a Russian who grew up in America but he was born in France. Leonid Parfenov takes a journey through Vladimir Pozner’s life. Visiting the places and turning the pages of his history.

In October 1993 Russian society was divided, some came to defend the Parliament building, the White House, others came to attack it.

For sixteen years, from 1966 to 1982, Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev ruled over the USSR. For sixteen years he served as General Secretary of the Soviet Union Communist party, successfully progressing through every stage of a clearly defined idealogical career ladder.

They introduced Russia's first-ever woman in government. They started a newspaper and called it “Pravda” (Truth).

Where do brief encounters usually take place? On trains certainly, or perhaps at a railway station. Some encounters though, will be arranged by us, on television, the show engineers a meeting of people who have had no contact for quite some time.

He died with his eyes open. His lifeless, almost naked body, covered only in rags, lay on a hospital laundry table.

In 1945, shortly before the fall of fascist led Germany, the director of the Koenigsberg Museum, Alfred Rode handed a piece of paper over to the German Office for Cultural Affairs.

If ever the governing Soviet elite fell ill, their condition was always shrouded in secrecy. Nearly all were in seriously poor health in the last years of life.