TELEALLIANCE MEDIA HOLDING AB  combines television production companies, producing entertaining and popular science projects and dokudrammy telenovela.

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DocuScripted series

In astrology there is no mysticism, only ancient statistical analysis. Once our ancestors began to notice that a certain destiny awaited people born on a certain day and at a particular time.

A project based on the life-story of a blind sorceress who's reputation spread far beyond her small village. Clairvoyant Nina was blinded as a child by severe illness, yet she sees so much more than most sighted people.

When there's nowhere else to turn for help. Mysterious illnesses strike and doctors merely shrug their shoulders, what was once a comfortable and straightforward life seems to start falling apart.

Igor Lukin and Alexey Nasonova are former Moscow police officers, both are in the rank of Majors. Now they are detectives and partners in our film.

This is more than just a fascinating TV show featuring the private stories of psychotherapy patients, it's also a kind of a tutorial for anyone seeking a solution life's editors life crisis. And so the show's target audience is anyone who has ever experienced difficult circumstances in life.

Two intelligent and beautiful women are forced by circumstance to work as housemaids. Without setting up a formal company, the two friends just share clients, covering for each other when they need help.

A real trial. A tense battle in pursuit of justice. Every day, real and highly qualified lawyers, judges, public prosecutors and attorneys cross swords in a new conflict.