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Genre: detective series

Running time: 26, 32

Number of episodes: 1640, the production goes on

Chanel: Channel One, the Fifth Chanel

Director: Yury Kharnas, Roman Ivanov, Dmitriy Tikhon

Director of photography: Martynsh Punans

Idea and license: Constantin Ent. GmbH (Germany)

Chief Edotors: Tatiana Naichuk, Olga Zavershinskaya

Producers: Elena Saenko, Ezhen Schedrin

General Producer: Alexander Levin

Igor Lukin and Alexey Nasonova are former Moscow police officers, both hold the rank of Major. Now the detectives have become partners in one film.

The camera follows a detective and his assistants as they deal with their everyday routine. The show sheds light on the details of a private detective agency's work.
We hear conversations between the detectives and with their clients. Best of all, we see real detectives in the field: covertly observing suspects using innovative technology, collecting evidence, analysing it and then presenting their clients with facts that reveal truths they may not want to hear.

Igor Lukin
Alexey Nasonov