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Running time: 24
Production is still ongoing
Channel: TV-3
Director: Kira Meshcheryakova
Director of photography: Anna Melikova
Idea: Alexander Levin
Chief editor: Kira Zakharova
Executive producers: Tatiana Martianova
Producers: Yuriy Kamenetskiy, Elena Saenko
General Producer: Alexander Levin

A project based on the life-story of a blind sorceress who's reputation spread far beyond her small village. Clairvoyant Nina was blinded as a child by severe illness, yet she sees so much more than most sighted people. It's as though she can “scent out” a person's soul, intuition tells her their secrets.  

She herself calls it 'smelling out': “If someone enters the house, I immediately smell out what kind of person they are and what they've come with. I can smell when a person is gone, they give me a photo and if I smell cold, it means they've gone. And if the scent is warm then they're still alive”.

The Blind One doesn’t seek interaction, she doesn’t even leave her home. Her only connection with the outside world is Anya, her granddaughter.