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Running time: 26
Number of episodes: 321, the production goes on
Channel: TV-3
Director: Elena Kuznetsova
Director of photography: Anastasia Zhukova
Idea: Oksana Naichuk, Elena Kuznetsova
Dramatist: Oksana Naichuk
Executive producers: Tatiana Martianova
Producers: Yuriy Kamenetskiy, Elena Saenko
General Producer: Alexander Levin

When there's nowhere else to turn for help.
Mysterious illnesses strike and doctors merely shrug their shoulders, what was once a comfortable and straightforward life seems to start falling apart. When there's nowhere else to go, desperate people may turn to fortunetellers for help.
In the “Fortuneteller” series women with a transcendental ability help desperate people to solve their problems. Three fortunetellers are featured. They are all very different and possess diverse gifts but they do have one thing in common, they know the answers to unspoken questions.

The program is based on real stories, only the names have been changed to preserve the participants' privacy.

Whether you believe in magic or reject it, when you see relief and joy in the eyes of the people helped by Victoria, Seraphima and Taisiya, you may just start believing in miracles.


- Taisiya Nedzvetskaya, Master of tarology, practitioner of neurotransforming

- Victoria Zheleznova, descendant of scandinavian magician, seeress, psychic, practicing spiritualistic mentor.

- Serafima Zolotareva, a heiress of an ancient Gipsy family. Her ancestry - migrating Gipsies - were the keepers of magical knowledge, which is passed on from generation to generation.