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Genre: court show

Running time: 45-52

Number of episodes: 1376

Channel: Channel One

Director: Alexey Tabachnikov, Elena Kharchevnikova, Sergey Griff

Idea: Constantin Entertainment GmbH

Chief Editors: Andrey Terekhov, Alexander Goryachev,

Executive producers: Maria Gorovenko

Producers: Elena Saenko, Elena Smirnova

General Producer: Alexander Levin

A real trial. A tense battle in pursuit of justice. Every day, real and highly qualified lawyers, judges, public prosecutors and attorneys cross swords in a new conflict. Both sides of each case on trial are represented by professional advocates and prosecutors. They're not just seen on TV, but in Russia's real courts of law.

In each TV trial the accused and the victims are subjected to intense cross-examination, unexpected witnesses are called, just as you'd expect in court.

Everyday dramas often develop into tragicomedy, as the audience watches real life stories. Answers to the advocates' questions often reveal an unexpected twist in the investigation.
Participated Judge:
Smirnov Alexey
Pashin Sergey
Ulishchenko Marina
Selutin Alexander

Treshchev Alexander
Romanova Ekaterina
Knyazev Andrey
Zvezdina Lena
Ivanichenko Anatoliy

Lipovetskaya Irina
Ignatiev Alexey
Nazarova Natalia