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Households and Housemaids

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Genre: docu scripted

Running time: 26

Number of episodes: 62

Channel: Channel One, Inter

Director: Vera Storozheva, Harry Zakaryan

Director of photography: Alexey Gopsha

Chief Editor: Uliana Kirichenko

Scriptwriter: Irina Burdenkova

Executive producers: Tatiana Martyanova

Producers: Yuriy Kamenetsky, Elena Saenko

General Producer: Alexander Levin

Two intelligent and beautiful women are forced by circumstance to work as housemaids. Without setting up a formal company, the two friends just share clients, covering for each other when they need help. As Lucia and Galya work in wealthy homes, they find themselves unwitting witnesses to their employers’ private lives.

 Each episode is a single story from two house maids and their work. One of the girls, whoever works for the family in question, provides the details and background to one or other of the employer's problems, discussing various incidents in the house that they've encountered through their work. Some of the events are a complex web of intrigue and several employers have even been known to ask their housemaids for advice… and every so often, the girls step in to try and bring peace back to the family.

Muromtseva Elena

Ivanova Anastasia