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the Astrologer

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Genre: Dokudrama
Timing: 24 min.
Quantity of series: 20
Channel: Domashnii
Director: Oksana Sidorenko
Director of photography: Andrey Fedorov
Idea: Yury Kamenetsky
Scriptwriter: Alexander Filippov
Executive producer: Tatyana Martyanova
Producers: Yury Kamenetsky, Elena Saenko
General producer: Alexander Levin

In astrology there is no mysticism, only ancient statistical analysis. Once our ancestors began to notice that a certain destiny awaited people born on a certain day and at a particular time. But understanding fate, as it is laid out in the stars, is impossible without a skilled interpreter, the astrologer.

Our participants have encountered the most challenging circumstances of their lives and, in desperation, ask the astrologer for help.

They may do as they wish, the astrologer can only offer guidance and signs, each must choose their own path for themselves.

One series, one destiny but even more to choose from. The viewer sees not just what happens to the heroes, but also what might have happened if other choices had been made.

Sergey Nurislamov