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Accept and forgive

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Genre: docudrama
Running time: 26, 28
Channel: Channel One, Inter
Episodes: 1750, the production goes on
Director: Roman Ivanov, Garry Zakaryan, Talib Khamidov
Director of photography:Martynsh Punans, Nikolay Veretin, Alexey Katsoev
Chief Editor: Uliana Kirichenko
Executive producers: Yana Kshanovskaya, Galina Kozinets, Tatiana Martiyanova
Producers: Elena Saenko
General Producer: Alexander Levin

This is more than just a fascinating TV show featuring the private stories of psychotherapy patients, it's also a kind of a tutorial for anyone seeking a solution life's editors life crisis. And so the show's target audience is anyone who has ever experienced difficult circumstances in life.

The main drama is rooted in an endless queue of people waiting to see a psychiatrist and the stories they bring with them. All episodes are based on therapy sessions with Galina Timoshenko or Boris Egorov. All circumstances and situations are real but patients’ anonymity has been preserved.


Boris Efimovich Egorov

psychologist, Doctor of Medical Science, professor of psychotherapy, medical psychology and sexology department of Russian Postgraduate Medical Academy of the Ministry of Public Health of Russian Federation.  

Galina Valentinovna Timoshenko