TELEALLIANCE MEDIA HOLDING AB  combines television production companies, producing entertaining and popular science projects and dokudrammy telenovela.

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Primetime Series

There is no such a thing as the perfect crime, however subtle, they always leave traces. Some can simply be seen, others can only be detected by specialist equipment.

Yet another detective agency is opening in Moscow.  At first sight it appears to be just like any other, but the people who work there are far from ordinary, if indeed they can actually be called people.

The key characters in Crime Police are some of Moscow's CID officers. CID staff are people just like us, they live the same lifestyle as any modern man.

This tells the history of a friendship between two strong men. Vladimir Makeev is a senior police officer. Until recently, he had a tough job in the homicide investigation Department, they worked on the hardest cases of all.

Each episode of “Rails of Happiness” features a single long-distance train journey.

The “Faces” beauty salon has several regular clients, when they visit they share with their hairdresser the most incredible stories and secrets, the most common subject being their love life.

To anyone who passes them in the street the “invisibles” are just regular people: a Mom and Dad with two sons, an ordinary family coping with modern life.

At the heart of the show is successful lawyer's bureau consisting of four, self-assured, successful and businesslike legal professionals, and they're women, "Advokatessa".

It's an agency helps people, and not just with simple domestic, everyday problems but it always helps quickly and efficiently.