TELEALLIANCE MEDIA HOLDING AB  combines television production companies, producing entertaining and popular science projects and dokudrammy telenovela.

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Mediums are people with an unusual talent, a super-natural ability. A group of them take part in a spectacular battle.

“Real Politics” – a social-political programme dedicated to analyzing the past week's events.

“A Joke” must above all, be funny, and so the producers take great care not to cross that very thin line.

Three stories. Three doors: black, white and red. These are where people enter the Studio: heroes and witnesses bearing testimony to shocking stories. They are in stress. They've come to talk about their misadventures under the guidance of presenter, Alexander Gordon.

The Gordon 2030 project is a game of televisual strategy.

The word "fan" is actually short for "fanatic", and the most ardent 'fans' are convinced that their favourite celebrities lead the most exotic, glamourous and happy lives and meet only amazing people.